I needed a dynamic solution.

StatusNow was founded by a working mom of four kids, Susie Melnick, to solve a significant problem in her own life: managing her personal and professional availability, and prioritizing responses and meetings on a daily basis.

Today, StatusNow greatly improves communications and responsiveness to those demanding time and attention by helping team leaders and their employees maximize productivity and ultimately balance the competing needs of those pulling at our attention – customers, clients, patients, colleagues, personal responsibilities, and so much more. StatusNow provides a global view of your organization to see real-time availability of resources with a specific profile to fill clients’ and other key resourcing needs.

With direct integration into workforce management and scheduling systems, managers ensure they’re finding the right employee to meet the demands of now. When staff are working, they can put their phones away and use StatusNow to keep their personal network informed, minimizing distraction and giving them peace of mind. StatusNow ensures optimal service and staff utilization — bridging the boundaries of work and life.


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StatusNow allows you to put yourself first and take a break, but it’s also useful for people who can’t answer their phones during the work day: teachers, medical professionals, attorneys and call center operators, for example.
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