Introducing StatusNow.

You can finally put your phone away and be fully present.
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StatusNow allows you to share custom, real time information with the important people in your life when you are unavailable, so you can be fully present in what you’re doing.

For Parents, Guardians, Adult Children of Aging Parents

  • Be confident that caregivers know what to do when you can’t be reached
  • Turn off your phone and be 100% present for the task at hand
  • Have peace of mind

For Organizations Caring for Children and the Elderly

  • Eliminate time spent trying to chase someone down
  • Understand who to call and when people are available
  • Take care of issues faster
  • Provide peace of mind to those in your care
  • Show families you care and understand they can’t always answer their phone

For Executives, Career Professionals, Technical Specialists

  • Confidently turn your phone off
  • Know that you covered with instructions at the ready should you need to be contacted
  • Focus 100% on the job to be done

For Employers with a No Phone at Work Policy

  • Make sure your employees can be reached in case of an emergency
  • Give them the peace of mind to confidently put their phones away
  • Help them do their best work

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