Create peace of mind for your future self.

StatusNow gives you the freedom to put your phone away
and be present, whether you’re at work, enjoying a meal out
or taking a yoga class.

Set Up Connections

  1. Share the app with family, teachers, caregivers, friends – anyone you keep your phone out for – and ask them to set up an account
  2. Once they have an account, search for them in the app by their email address and invite them to be a contact. Set expirations on their invitations as appropriate, e.g. End of August for a summer nanny
  3. Organize into groups based on who you want to be able to view the same status

Create a status

  1. Sync StatusNow with your calendar and view upcoming events
  2. Create custom messages for times you will be away from your phone
  3. Select who you want to see the message

Check a Status

  1. Select the connection’s name in the StatusNow’s contact list
  2. View their status
  3. Find out their real time availability and who to contact in an emergency

You are in control of which contacts you invite
to view your messages and how long they have access to them.
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