Solutions For Hourly and Shift-Based Workforces
StatusNow manages the dynamic changes in team availability and demand that arise throughout the day. The solution delivers real-time information to manage the changes across shifts, skills and locations. Its advanced capabilities help manage demands at all levels of the organization.

StatusNow drives lower costs and improves productivity by enabling managers to schedule a core staff and supplement on-demand. Meet customer demands and client agreements by maintaining minimum staffing requirements throughout the day. When they’re not working, hourly staff can use StatusNow to swap shifts with direct visibility to who’s available.

With direct integration into workforce management and scheduling systems, manager ensure they’re finding the right employee to meet the demand of now. When staff are working, they can put their phones away and use StatusNow to keep their personal network informed, minimizing distraction and giving them peace of mind.

Hourly and Shift-Based Workforces

StatusNow enables you to:

  • Run leaner operations on a “gig” basis, leveraging skill-based availability to meet demand in the moment
  • Manage real-time availability of your full workforce to meet immediate, unexpected needs
  • Meet unscheduled demand peaks to better serve customers – minimizing lost sales from under-staffing
  • Replace staff unable to fulfill their scheduled time
  • Direct peer-to-peer visibility for quick shift switching
  • Create a dynamic pool of self-identified on-call staff
  • Reward employees for flexibility and responsiveness
By leveraging StatusNow’s dashboard, managers and supervisors can analyze staffing profiles, assess employees’ up-to-moment availability to their audiences, and fill in the scheduling gaps.

Search your entire organization to match your needs up-to-date availability of staff with a specific profile (skills, location, responsiveness) to:

  • Replace employees who don’t fulfill their shift last-minute
  • Balance staffing needs across locations
  • Ensure your employees don’t miss the opportunity for extra income
  • Avoid the challenges of mass emails, message boards or other tools for shift-switching that depend on who’s around and happens to be listening
Ideal for broader business departments, like HR, Accounting, Legal, and Sales, StatusNow helps you maximize productivity and ultimately balance the competing needs of those pulling at your attention – clients, colleagues, personal responsibilities, and so much more.