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Q: Why can’t I find a contact in StatusNow?
A: You first need to share the app with your contact and they need to download it and create an account. Once they have an account you can find them via their email address.

Q: What if my school does not support the app?
A: While we are hoping that every school will adopt the usage of the app, in the meantime, as long as the people who you have listed on your “In Case Of Emergency” forms are connected with you then you’re still covered.

Q: Is there a way to set a default?
A: You can set your status to “all day” then you can have a current status. Some standard ones to consider: I can text but I cannot answer my phone, I should be available and sorry I missed your call but please try back in 15 minutes.

Q: Does having someone listed on StatusNow give them permission to get my child?
A: No, you must have established with the school who can/cannot get your child.

Q: What if I set a status that I’m unavailable but it changes?
A: There is an “Edit” button to make any necessary changes.

Q: Who should I invite as a contact?
A: Anyone you would answer the phone call from when they called.

Downloadable Forms

Parent & Guardian Introduction Form for Schools and Camps

Employee Introduction Form for Businesses