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Q: How is StatusNOW different from “Find my Friends?”
A: Find My Friends relies on the phone to be with you and doesn’t provide additional detail (how long you’ll be there, your exact location – like a meeting place, etc). You can leave your phone at home and go for a walk without your phone letting people know when you’ll be back. If someone used Find My Friends, it would look like you were at home.

Q: Can’t I just use the auto-reply or do not disturb on my phone?
A: These services rely on a specific incoming number. StatusNOW is about the person who is trying to find you regardless of where they are trying to reach you from. Auto reply is for everyone. With StatusNOW, it doesn’t matter if they try calling you or texting you, they just need to go to the app.

Q: Who should I invite as a contact?
A: Anyone you would answer the phone call from when they called.

Q: Why can’t I find a contact in StatusNOW?
A: You first need to share the app with your contacts, and they need to download it and create an account. Once they have an account, you can find them via their email address, phone number or username.

Q: Is there a way to set a default?
A: Set your “Available” status to be anything you would like people to see when you don’t have a “Busy” status set. For example, your default status could be, “I should be available but if I missed your call or text I’ll be back soon.”

Q: What if I set a status that I’m unavailable but it changes?
A: There is an “Edit” button to make any necessary changes.

Q: What if I want different statuses for different people or groups?
A: When setting your status, you can choose the individuals or groups you want to see it. If you’d like another group or individual to see something different at the same time, simply create a new status.

For instance, if you want the babysitter to know what restaurant you’ll be at and others to know just that you’re out to dinner, set a status for the babysitter with the name of the restaurant and another for everyone that you’re “Out to Dinner.”

Q: Does StatusNOW automatically sync to my calendar?
A: Yes, StatusNOW will sync with your native phone calendar so you just have to select who can view your status.

Q: What is the point of the expiring contact?
A: If you have a group project, a summer nanny, etc. you can invite them to be part of your network for a finite period of time.

Q: Can I share my status with everyone in my network?
A: Yes, when you create a status select “Everyone” so all your contacts can view your event.