Being always on takes its toll.

We live in a day and age where we can reach just about anyone, just about anywhere in the world, instantly. And if we are unable to connect directly, we can still expect an immediate response.

This can be both a blessing and a curse. For those with children, aging parents, or demanding jobs it can make us feel like we are in an “always on” mode. Either you can’t put phone away, because you’re afraid you’ll miss an urgent call. Or you do, and the whole time you’re worried that someone may be trying to contact you.

Being “always on” certainly takes its toll. It feeds in to phone addiction, which is a real concern for our society. It makes you susceptible to interruptions when you are trying to focus. It makes you feel like you are always on edge. We all have a real need to be present. To make a connection with the person right in front of us. To focus. To calm our minds. Being “always on” is simply bad for your mental state.

StatusNow was created by Susan Melnick with the goal of helping people stay connected to those most important to them, while also giving them the peace of mind to completely disconnect from their phones whenever they want to. Read Susan’s story.

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Being tied to our technology 24/7 makes people feel stressed and anxious;
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